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Children of Discord: Second Book of The Gastar Series By C.C. Cole A Book Review By William Butler

I'm C.C.Cole, award-winning medieval dark fantasy author of the Gastar Series. The series of four novellas, when completed, follow teen assassin Shevata as she journeys through the history of her home city of Gastar to seek redemption for her past actions and to re-gain her soul.
The first novella, "Act of Redemption" was published in 2009. Shevata makes a mistake by killing a group of evil priests without a death order. Two centuries later, she is released from imprisonment, realizing her soul was removed. Along with a trio of soldiers from the past, they defend the remnants of Shepeople remaining in the fallen city of Gastar from the evil demon lord Zermon.
The second novella, "Children of Discord" was published in 2011. Shevata searches for the evil treacherous boy Goldeon, who assisted the enemy in the fall of Gastar. She is summoned back to Gastar by a group of unlikely allies. The growing city has forgotten much of the city's dark history, and the clash of the two dangerous children place the unknowing people of the city in danger. Shevata takes her first steps to re-claim her humanity at the book's dramatic end.
The lead character Shevata won an action heroine poll on Goodreads, "Act of Redemption" has been listed as #1 on Goodreads' Best Independent Novel, and "Children of Discord" won an NABE pinnacle award for fiction in 2011.
Mississippi is my home, I live a suburban life with my family. Schooled in the medical field, along with writing, other interests include martial arts, adopted greyhounds, medieval and 20th century history.




C.C. Cole does it again in this huge sequel to Act of Redemption. She has given us a story about good and evil. Death and rebirth. Right and wrong. Revenge. With a battle of wits by two ancient children. C.C. Cole pulls you into Shevata's world, her past, all the way up to the events that happened in the first book. All the while she tells the story of Goldeon's past with Shevata. All this and more until you reach the last page. A book I was unable to put down and kept thinking about if I did. The ending, which I will not spoil was amazing! A cliffhanger at that.


Shevata is back! And this time she's taking on the boy Goldeon. Beware her wrath! Goldeon, named after the color of his hair, had taken over a new form of demon--the vampire. He takes over the vampires in order to perform raids on the Great City of Gastar. A new city, which has risen up from the ashes of Zermon's Hell. As you might recall in the first book Zermon was trying to create Hell on Earth, but Shevata prevented that from happening.
In Children of Discord, the vampires, out of desperation, summon Shevata from Hell. They need her help to fight against Goldeon, but it only seems to have caused them more harm. Shevata doesn't really care about blood-drinkers. And after a intense fight scene as Shevata manifests into the material world, she spares one vampire, Simon. She spares him to help her in the fight against the boy Goldeon.
Armed with a double sword attached at the hilt (Two swords are better than one and she definitely knows how to handle the sword with slashing ease). What I liked most about this book was the use of a Cloak and Dagger approach to the story. Shevata maneuvers her way around Gastar with invisible ease. She manipulates the players to reach an end to the means...I might add not for selfish reasons, but to help out the future of Gastar. Though she also wants to catch Goldeon, who seemed to have rooted himself into the royal family of Gastar through Changeling means.


I recommend this book to anyone who loves dark fantasy novels. I give it five stars!! But with any sequel you have to read the first one before the second book and the second book before the third one! The third book to Gastar I hope will be out soon. I'm biting my nails and tapping my foot while I wait.



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Bang Bang

Bang Noir's Birthday Is Coming Up!!

In Honor of Bang Noir's first birthday, I will be giving away 3 Bang Noir T-shirts. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this post and tell Bang Noir Happy Birthday! Also leave your email address and size...Oy! This is going to be fun.

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The Cover and Excerpt for My Third Novel TIME OF THE SEASON

A Plot to steal 10 million dollars. A man down on his luck. A woman with a plan. A lethal affair that could only end badly.
Ben Lyons is down on his luck, but his luck changes when he meets Lauren Tinsdale, the wife of loan shark and former boxer Freddy "The Beef" Tinsdale. Seduced by Lauren, Ben finds himself caught up in her plan to steal a large sum of money and then skip town. But is that all Lauren wants from Ben? Or does she have another that involves taking her husbands life?


The first hit came from his left making a hard contact to his face. Unexpected of course. Ben’s head turned as blood splattered from his mouth. Then the next fist came at him from the front and made contact with his stomach. Ben coughed and spit. He held his stomach and went down into the fetal position on the pavement. The gutter. That’s where he’s at. Gina had always said he would be found in the gutter dead one day and she was right. Well Partly. Ben wasn’t dead. Not yet. Not by these rejects. They started to kick him and even one of them took the time between kicks to land a few hard punches into his side, back, face and arms. Ben just laid there and took it. He was like a possum laying in wait for the bigger animals to leave so he could run back to safety. 

“Three against one,” he said earlier. “Come on guys that’s not even a fair fight.” 

“Fuck you bitch. You owe us money and since you can’t pay right now we will have to give you a taste of what’s to come,” the skinnier of the three men said, smirking as he cracked his knuckles. He had one huge ruby ring on his left hand that he also adjusted. “We don’t really like to leave you with any surprises.” 

“How kind of you,” Ben said. He tried to move between the three men, but they had him cornered. That’s when the one on his left threw the first punch. The men laughed at him as he just lay on the pavement taking the hits. 

“Fucking pussy,” one of them said. Ben hated it when they called him that. He was no fucking pussy. He was one of the best boxers in his high school class. He also played football. He was good at that too. There wasn’t a sport that Ben Lyons wasn’t good at. But he just lay there as the three guys pounded away at him. Why just lay there if he could take them? It was because Ben was no dummy. He was a smart man. He let them beat on him so they would give up and leave him alone. He should have never left the apartment this morning. 

Gina was still asleep when he got up and dressed. He wanted to play the card game he had heard about from Bob the night before. Bob being the one man Ben could trust. Bob being the one man who took care of Ben when his mother left him alone with his father. She ran off with another woman. How crazy was that. Ben didn’t think he would have even lived it down. His mother a fucking dyke. He was teased on a regular basis over it. Maybe that was why he took to sports—to prove he was no pussy—pansy. 

He knew Gina was going to be mad with him—even hate him after leaving her in bed alone so he could go play a game of cards. He could have just stayed home and made love to her, but the cards were calling his name. He could hear them as he tossed and turned in the bed and even when Gina slipped his cock into her and rode him like a bull, he could only think about the card game. How it would have felt to win the pot. How it felt to be inside her as she pushed against him and in his mind he won both pots. But he still left her in the bed asleep. 

The three men stopped beating on him. 

“Pathetic,” the taller one said with the scar across his eye. “I thought you would at least put up a fight.” 

“Sorry to disappoint you,” Ben mumbled from the pavement. He was furious though. Letting them beat on him like a sack of potatoes. That’s how he learned to train for boxing. His trainer wanted him to be better than all the other high school kids so he had him punch a sack of potatoes everyday for practice. Ben wanted to jump up and start pounding into them. He knew he could do it. He knew that they were tired from beating on him. It would take nothing to beat them to the ground, but he held back. It was something else he needed to control. His anger. It wasn’t worth going to jail over. Besides these guys were nothing to him. So what if he lost. So what if he owed them money. Who doesn’t he owe money to? 

“Listen up pussy,” the short one said. “We will be looking for our money in another week so be prepared for another beating if you can’t pay up.” 

“Sure thing, haus,” Ben said not looking at any of them. He wanted them to think he was a pussy. The men walked away laughing. It was going to be a long day for them and they had all day to talk about Ben to all their friends. At least he made someone happy today. Ben pulled himself up onto his feet. He propped himself against the brick wall of the building he cowered next to, with one hand as he wiped at his nose with his other. He pressed one finger against his nostril and blew from his nose. Dark red shot from his nose leaving blood on the pavement. He then did the other side. He coughed a little from blowing the blood from his nose as he pulled himself together. He needed to get back home before Gina woke up. Later on tonight, he would go pay Bob a visit. Bob the man who got him a stripper for his birthday so he could lose his virginity. Man Bob was going to pay. 

Ben walked from out of the alley he was standing in and onto the sidewalks. It was as if the world started up around him. Everything loud and busy. He could hear the older Italian ladies bitching at the men for walking on their clean floors and that they had no fucking manners. What’s up with the world today. No one gave a fuck about other people’s shit. Ben laughed as she popped the grown man, who was obviously her son, across the head with her hand. She called him a name in Italian, which Ben translated as her calling him a dumb ass. The grown man looked upset and he seemed like he would cry. Ben tried not to stare, but it was too entertaining. He wiped at his nose again, looking at the blood that stained his fingers and without warning, he stepped right into her. 

Oh, she was nice. He first saw her shoes. Black stiletto heels. Her feet fit perfect in them. His eyes moved from her shoes to her legs. She wore no hose, they were bare and beautiful. There was a shine that came off her skin that kept his eyes on them. He moved to her waist, where her thin tan belt caught his eye. The belt had specks of what looked like gold thread through the stitching. She wore a tight white mini-skirt and a pink floral blouse, which was loose on her. He could see her breast cradled in a black bra. He finally settled onto her face. His face. Ben cocked his head to the left as he looked at his reflection in her sunglasses. 

“I look fucked up,” he mumbled. She smiled at him and removed her sunglasses. Her eyes glared at him with intensity. They were a brownish green color—today more green than brown. He didn’t know her, but he wish he did. She stood tall with her black hair pulled behind her shoulders. Her skin was tanned and she looked like a lioness as she stood over his slouching posture. Ben felt small to her. Only if he was in better form he would be able to meet her eye to eye. 

“Excuse me,” she said. Her voice was like music to his ears. 

“I…” Ben started to say, but someone pushed him back. Ben narrowed his gaze at a tall beefy man. He was six feet eight inches tall and wore a black t-shirt with BEEF written in the right corner just above his huge peck muscle. 

“Step back, asshole,” he said in a deep voice. He sounded like his tongue was too big for his mouth when he spoke. His brow was wrinkled as he stared Ben down. This guy was huge. There was no way Ben was going to start something. He wouldn’t even survive the beat down BEEF would give him. 

“Sorry,” Ben said. He looked from BEEF to the woman standing a few inches behind him. Damn she was fucking hot. “I didn’t mean to walk on this side of the street. I had no idea that it was taken.” 

“You’re a smart ass,” BEEF said. He grabbed Ben’s shoulder and tightened his grip on him. Ben smiled and winced in pain. “I chew guys like you up and spit them out.” 

“I’m sure you do. No woman would let you,” Ben said as he winced in pain over the man’s grip. 

“Bruno, what is going on here,” another man said walking out of Vinnie’s restaurant. This man was shorter than the woman, but he was a big man himself. He looked familiar to Ben as he caught a glimpse of him. “I leave you alone for a moment and you are already causing trouble.” The man looked at the woman when he said it. “Bruno let the man go.” 

“Yea, Bruno let me go,” Ben said. Bruno obeyed in disappointment. 

“Sorry sir, he was too close to Mrs. Lauren,” Bruno said. 

“Did he hurt her?” 

“No sir, but I didn’t want to take that chance.” 

“Hey you,” the man said. He walked over to Ben. Bruno followed along with another big beefy guy. A car pulled up next to them. The driver got out of the car and ushered Mrs. Lauren into it. She stood for a moment looking at Ben smiling. She was enjoying every moment. There was something about a woman who loved to watch others get hurt. 


“Hey I’m talking to you.” Bruno pulled Ben by the arm. The man was now close to Ben and Ben could smell the man’s breath. He had just finished eating something with heavy garlic in it. The smell was over powering. 

“Yea,” Ben said trying to look away. He felt himself gag over the smell from the man’s mouth. 

“You like my wife,” he asked. Ben looked over from him to her. She sat in the car looking at them from the window. “Hey…hey look at me when I talk to you.” Ben looked at him. “You want to fuck my wife?” He wanted to say yes, but then that would be wrong. But hell what did Ben have to lose other than maybe his life. 

“Freddy,” she called from the car. “Leave him alone. He didn’t do anything. Let’s go or we will be late.” Freddy looked at her irritated. He clenched his teeth. 

“You have a problem?” 

“No,” Ben said. Just with your breath right now…he wanted to say. But he held back. He didn’t know why, but he just did—pussy. 

“Good boy,” Freddy said. There was something about Freddy that made Ben hate him. He was a short beefy man who wore a lot of gold and white. The woman, Ben figured, was Freddy’s wife. How did a hot piece of ass end up with that guy? Freddy backed up from Ben as his bodyguards walked him over to the car. “Take care boy and watch where you’re fucking walking next time.” Freddy gets into the car and then his bodyguards followed. The car drove past Ben as he caught Freddy’s wife smiling and staring at him as she raised the car window. Too bad the windows were tinted. Ben wouldn’t of mind to continue staring at Freddy’s wife as they drove off. She was hot, but there was something off about her. 

Ben continued on his way to his own car. Freddy was stuck in his head. Where the hell did he know him from? It was going to bug him and maybe tonight he will ask Bob about him. Bob the asshole who fucked him over this morning. Oh, man he is going to pay. Ben clenched his fist just thinking about what Bob got him into today. Ben found his car, hopped in and drove off back to Gina, who he hoped was still asleep or at work. The worse thing that could come out of it would be that she got up and saw that he was gone. She dismissed it and went to work. He would bring her flowers. He stopped long enough to buy some flowers at the newspaper stand along with the paper. He liked looking at the fights and sometimes he even liked to bid on them. But that was something he hid from Gina. She would kill him if she found out. 

He would give her the flowers though to make up for the fact that he was not in bed next to her when she woke up. He should surprise her at work after he cleaned himself up. It would be bad if he showed up at her place of work bloody and bruised. “I’m going straight,” he will say to her. “I’m not going to bet on anymore games, baby. I’m all yours.” Wait. He said that already. He said that a few nights ago. He said it just before he heard about the card game from Bob. Just before he won fifty bucks off a dart game. His brief winning streak. They say that you will have a winning streak, but Ben thought it would have lasted longer than a night. Well maybe he won twice that night if you counted the fact that he had sex with Gina. 

“No…no no no,” Ben yelled as he pulled up to his apartment. Tony’s truck was parked outside the building with boxes loaded in the back. Ben parked his car and started running up to the building. He immediately ran into Tony who was making his way to the truck with a box. 

“Hey man, no you don’t go up there,” he said. 

“Tony, no she can’t be doing this to me,” Ben said. He looked over Tony’s shoulder. He couldn’t see her, but he knew she was in there. The window to the second floor of the apartment opened and Gina stuck her head out. 

“Go away Ben. I don’t want to see you,” she yelled down to him. 

“But Gina,” he whined. “C’mon, girl. I love you. You can’t do this to me.” Ben held out his arms. The flowers were still in one hand. “Look babe, I bought you some flowers. Please forgive me. I love you.” 

“No…no Ben,” she yelled. “I can’t do this anymore. You ruined my love for you with your card games. You said you were going to change. That you weren’t going to gamble no more.” 

“I’m not gambling no more, babe. It’s just me. See,” he said holding up the flowers. Gina rolled her eyes. She pulled herself back into the apartment. “Ah, Gina, c’mon!” 

“I think you should leave man. I think you should leave and let her get her stuff out of the apartment,” Tony said. He was breathing heavy and turning red in the face. 

“What are you doing Tony?” 

“I’m protecting my sister,” he said looking serious. 

“I’m not going to hurt her. I love Gina,” he said. “Look I bought her flowers man. Why would I hurt her?” 

“The flowers are a nice gesture, but they won’t work this time. Just leave and let her get her stuff out of the apartment.” 

“Tony, what is this. Me and you go way back. We played ball together man. I don’t understand why you aren’t trying to help me out here,” Ben said looking at Tony trying to convince him that everything was okay. And everything would be okay if he could get into the apartment and talk with Gina. All he needed to do was talk to her. He could convince her that he was going straight. That there was no more gambling. It was just him and her. 

“I know man and I’m sorry about that. But this is my sister and she comes first.” 

“Alright man, I understand.” Ben stood for a moment and then walked off back to his car. Gina finally came out of the apartment with a box. She handed it to Tony and started for the truck. Tony placed the box into the back and got into the truck himself. Ben ran over to them shoving the flowers into Gina’s face. She flinched. 

“Ben, I’m going to kick your ass,” Tony said with a serious face. He threw open the car door and stepped out. 

“I’m sorry baby. I’m so so sorry. Please forgive me,” Ben pleaded softly to Gina. She looked at him. She almost seemed like she was going to take him back, but then she tossed the flowers onto the road. 

“No, Ben it is over between us. I am done with you and your games.” Tony grabbed Ben by the collar and pulled him away from the truck. He fell to the road—hard. Gina slid over into the driver’s seat as Tony got into the truck. “Leave me alone Ben. It’s over! And don’t call me. And don’t call my mother either you asshole,” she screamed as they pulled off down the road. Ben sat for a moment on the road. Someone laughed from one of the other apartments. 

“Ha ha, very funny,” Ben mumbled as he stood up. He stepped over the flowers Gina tossed onto the road and walked into the apartment. He closed the door and walked through the first floor of the apartment. The place was empty without her there. “Oh, man.” Ben shook his head out of irritation. He ran upstairs to the bedroom. He looked around for a moment pulling up bed sheets and looking in the bathroom and even the closet. He then ran to the window that was still open. “Larry! Really, Gina, you took my cat.” Ben yelled as he slammed the window shut. Now his life was shit. His winning streak peaked and died quickly. He won no money off the card game and he lost his girl. Man, Bob was going to get it.

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Bang vs Director Anthony Pedone Part Two

The second part to my interview with Director Anthony Pedone. I wanted to talk a little bit about this part of the interview with Anthony Pedone. Again I thank him for answering my questions and giving me a peek inside his life. I tell you that he is an amazing man to know and is an inspiration. Though he may think I am just piling it on, but I truly and honestly feel that he is inspirational. Listening to him speak and tell me about his life and challenges...well it takes guts and acceptance. We learn about a person's background and some people tend to run from what they fear. But to me, I think it takes a brave person to own up to the things they have done in their lives.
Wow, I just read this back to myself and it sounds like I'm about to spill some major shit. Well I'm not, but I feel that it may seem questionable in the nature on ones past compared to their present. That's where the human instinct of "judgement" comes into play. "Judgement" is illegal here on Bang Noir. I leave that part up to higher powers...which ever those powers be. After reading this second part of the interview, I hope that you too feel inspired and realize what you have always wanted to do was only at your finger tips. It is up to you to reach out with your hands and grasp it. We can only leave the bread crumbs for you to follow.

Bang vs Director Anthony Pedone Part One 

Anthony Pedone-Camp Casserole Interview Raindance Film Festival

Anthony Pedone was born in Dallas, TX, but spent the formational years of his life on a ranch in Clayton, New Mexico. At 16 he moved back to Texas, studying Music at Southwest Texas University.
In 2005, Pedone received his Certificate in Writing Social Commentary from Penn State University and began experimenting with digital media and filmmaking. In 2008 he Co-founded, Robotic Indifference, and directed his first feature film, The Why. The Why, screened in 6 countries and received Best Avant Garde and Experimental Feature awards at The Great Lake Film Festival, Heart of England Film Festival and Manhattan Film Festival in 2010.
Since Robotic Indifference's conception Anthony has collaborated with an innovative and diverse group of artists-- fulfilling his need to always be creating. Anthony co-produced Steve Balderson's , The Casserole Club, and will join Balderson again to shoot, Culture Shock in the fall of 2011. While on the set of the The Casserole Club, Pedone shot a behind the scenes look at Balderson's streamlined approach to Indie Film making. The documentary is called, Camp Casserole.
Pedone co-produced and appeared in, Little Gods. A conceptual film by director Elizabeth Spear, Little Gods is the first feature film shot and edited on the iPhone4. Spear's has asked Pedone to produce her next feature film, Roundball in Victoria, TX. Shooting begins in July 2011.
Robotic Indifference plans on releasing The Pyrex Glitch for Christmas 2011. TPG is a science fiction comedy, written and directed by Jane Wiedlin.

The Interview (Part Two):

WB: Tell Bang Noir about the movie "Roundball"? Who were some of the actors in the movie? 

AP: Roundball, was a different kind of movie project for me. I was approached by Elizabeth Spear, the Director of the movie, to produce Roundball. I wasn't sure if the movie was for me, so I read the script. And man I have to say it was a very funny script. She [Elizabeth Spear] has a great sense of comedic timing and is able to bring out that humor in the people she directs. She is really a lot of fun. As for some of the actors in the movie...there is Starina Johnson, Shawn Kahone, Todd Sklar, Jane Wiedlin, John Merriman, Todd Spence, and Paul Goetz.

WB: That sounds awesome. So Elizabeth Spear approached you to work on Roundball. Did you work on anything else with her?

AP: I worked on a movie with her called "Little Gods". My contribution to "Little Gods" was considerably small. I had a small role and helped arrange some sfx makeup, but I really fell in love with the concept of shooting with the iphone and with her passion about it. She and I met in France in 2009, and found out we actually live in close proximity in Texas. So we began hanging out then.

WB: Awesome. Well I'm glad you two met. You would have never collaborated on Roundball. 

AP: I agree. She is also my partner in the creation of the film festivals we put together in Texas. 

WB: What is the synopsis of Roundball? 

AP: Roundball is a comedy about a man named Sam Jones who returns to his hometown to train for the NBA with his old 1A high school basketball coach, but things turn out to be a little more than what he expected. The road to the NBA is a tough one. 

WB:  What was the atmosphere like on the movie set?

AP: The thing about Roundball, was that we actually reached out to the community. Most of the time you would never get involved with the community to make a movie, but that is what we did. We recruited from the community also when making the film. When casting for the film we used the internet.

WB: The Internet?

AP: Yep. We used the internet via Skype to do most of our casting and used local kids from the area. 

WB: Tell Bang Noir a little about yourself?

AP: HaHa. I was a young pig farmer in NM. That's what my parents did, then. My parents split and I was passed between them. I got in trouble a few times when I would visit my mother in NM, but that is something I grew out of. Well eventually as I got older I went to College and started to learn about music. Since I was introduced to music in high school. I also discovered KISS in high school as well. Yea, those were the days. I saw myself as a rock star. I even started a band with some friends. We opened shows for Overkill. That ended and well in College I was a part of a few other groups, Cornpone was one of them. Then I went to prison and spent five years there. It has been a long trip to this point in my life.

WB: A trip you were meant to take. You wouldn't be who you are today if you never went that route. Who knows what you would be doing. I guess I believe in destiny. 

AP: Well, I had to find myself all over again. I knew I wanted to get back to what I loved. I wanted to make music, which turned into movies. It was a process to rebuild my life.

This concludes the second part of my interview with Director Anthony Pedone. The Third and Final part of the interview will be available soon. Please leave any questions or comments on this interview and I will make sure Anthony gets them...It would be great to have him answer them here on Bang Noir. Thank you. XOXO

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Anthony Pedone- Camp Casserole Interview Raindance Film Fesitval

Here is the Raindance Film Festival Interview with Anthony Pedone and Jane Weidlin for his documentary Camp Casserole--Oh and is that a Bang Noir T-shirt he is wearing!! : D It fucking is. 

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Interview with Jake Bannerman for his novel The Pitchfork Diaries

Please join me once again with Jake Bannerman who has been kind enough to answer some unorthodox interview questions for Bang Noir. After his last post with The Obligatory Fuck You post, you may understand what I mean when I say the questions in this interview are not what I would normally ask just anyone. If you missed his guest post here is a link to it. Please read and enjoy and feel free to leave any comments or other questions you would like to ask Jake. Thank you. 

The Obligatory Fuck You


Author Information: Born and raised in the church, J.S. Bannerman has taken the dangerous stance to question events that have been spoon fed to him as the truth since his childhood. He continually pushes boundaries as a purveyor of terror and often strives to find that disquietude that exists inside each one of us. He is a nomad, calling no one place home; choosing the life of a traveller while on the mission of writing the Family of Dog series. As a result you may find him in your town, writing at your local pub, crafting tales of horror so terrifyingly depraved and heartbreakingly cruel that you would never believe that they come from a mind as normal as his. Just beware, because within each tale is a message; it’s just up to you to figure out what it means.

The Pitchfork Diaries Synopsis:

The Pitchfork Diaries is a collection of short stories and prose unlike anything you have ever read before. Even the darkest and most violent imaginings of your mind cannot come close to matching the horrors contained within.

J.S. Bannerman, a new name in the horror genre, has skilfully woven a collection of tales that will inescapably work their way into your psyche, take up residence and relentlessly haunt you. Prepare yourself to be confronted by words that will threaten to shake the foundation of everything you thought you knew; no truth is too uncomfortable, no thought too gruesome to share.

All are invited to read The Pitchfork Diaries. Many will never be the same.

The Pitchfork Diaries: Volume One Links:

Amazon (right now just eBook but print should be up this week) -

Smashwords –

Jake can be followed on Twitter at –!/JakeBannerman

Born of the Flickering 
 The back room was rarely used these days. Once, it had been the room where the sisters performed the ritual of baptising the infants. The old bird bath baptismal font now stood abandoned and forgotten in the corner of the room, wispy cobwebs covering it beneath the patched and faded purple sheets that had been draped over the top, hiding the once sacred tool of Mother Mary. The room itself, with its dirty stone walls, a once luxurious deep red carpet and elegantly stained glass windows was six steps down from the main building itself, almost like a basement. It was reminiscent of a room that you might imagine finding in an old English castle, with its thick iron chandelier and its flame shaped bulbs protruding out of the top, though they too were now neglected and covered in cobwebs. The cleanliness of the room was no longer of importance, for it had a new purpose: sacrifice. 

I thought long and hard at what I wanted to ask you during this interview. I thought about all the typical questions and more typical questions, but I realize that you are not the typical person. This is great for someone doing an interview because anything goes. :)
So before I started these questions I re-read your blog post for me: The Obligatory Fuck You and I was inspired. So here we go...

1. What's your favorite porn?

It's called Jazelle and features Satan as a woman. In one scene, she decapitates another woman and then the decapitated head eats Satan’s pussy out! It is fucking amazing! I am also a huge Christy Canyon fan; she is so gorgeous!!!! I was on her radio show not too long ago talking about the book!!

2. Life is full of violence and fear. You capture this in a graphic way with your writing. Do you think you can be too graphic at times?

No, I do not think there is such a thing as "too graphic". Situations in my books breed on description and I'm not writing about unicorns and lollipops! My stories are about the nature of the beast in mankind and if you look back, graphic does not even scratch the surface of the evil that mankind does. And violence is part of life; it affects us all even if we do not want it to.

3. What is too graphic for you?

Refer to the answer to question 2.

4. What do you have to say to anyone who feels like your work is trash or horrible? I ask this because I've got some nasty comments over being graphic.

Don't fucking read it! The same thing that should have been said to people who called Elvis garbage, well they missed the boat on that one now didn't they? People thought Steven King was bad, remember? So what do I say to them? Fuck off and go read Goosebumps, ok!

5. If you could change something about the world what would that be?

Oh man tough question! I wish people used their own minds. I HATE the herd mentality.

6. Jack and Coke sounds like a drink my character Dina, from my book BANG would drink. What are some of your other favorite poisons?

Classic Jack, Honey Jack, American Honey, Jamison, Glenfidich. And I loooove Warsteiner and Sam Adams beer!

7. Back to porn...Have you ever thought of writing a complete smut novel? I mean a full raging hard-on fuck book.

I have never really thought about it, this will surprise people but I am very shy and quiet. The sex in my stories is used for contrast; beauty to terror. It would be hard for me to be serious about writing a fuck book though if I ever did it would be called: "I Ground a Nun’s Cunt While Children Watched" or "Teaching Children to FUCK!"

8. Who got you your first porn magazine?

I found it at a baseball field in Sayreville, New Jersey

9. When did you have your first drink?

I grew up in a house with 2 brothers and a sister. We got shit-faced on Bloody Mary's when I was like six... LOL

10. Is the "Necronomicon" one of your favorite books or is there more? I once owned that book myself.

I read it, the mad Arab on like a spiritual acid trip. It never did much for me. Though it was very interesting.

11. Do you read HP Lovecraft? Silly question but I associate the Necronomicon with him.

I do not know much about Lovecraft, though Metallica's Thing That Should Not Be is based on Lovecraft if I remember correctly.

12. Horror is what you write, are these some of the visions you have when you sleep or wake? In other words what brings about a story before you write it?

I do not have nightmares. My dreams usually include sex and wealth to be perfectly honest. My stories always start with a title. I have millions of them in my head; it is like a never ending Rolodex of titles in there. Let me whip one up for you; Under the Fingernails of Judas. Easy! Nothing really prompts me. It's like I'm possessed when I write. Maybe the devil takes me over. Sometimes I go back and read my work and I am like fuuuuuuuck!

13. What's your favorite type of music?

Impossible to say! But if I had to pick one genre to listen to it would be 50's New Orleans jazz.

14. Do you listen to music when you write? I'm curious what the soundtrack is for The Pitchfork Diaries.

In the original first drafts I posted what I was listening to at the beginning of each story, but I can tell you exactly what I listened to!
Volbeat, Ghost, Vanessa Carlton, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Katatonia, and Be Bop Deluxe.

I will change my playlist for my next book K-13 I have the music lined up already:

Beatles, Opeth, Dream Theatre, Benny Goodman, and Weezer.

15. Do you feel like too many people shelter themselves from truth by escaping into sparkling fucking vampires?

Oh no doubt about it! Running away into fantasy to escape reality is huge business. Look at how many people are addicted to Facebook, twitter, and television. The truth sucks so let's look the other direction!!! So sad but true! Though I do support things like twilight because it opens doors for young people to get into evil.

16. As the writer of your book I know it's hard to choose a favorite, but which out of everything you wrote in The Pitchfork Diaries is your favorite? And why?

Scarecrow’s Lament and In the Mouth of Butterflies. Scarecrow because it was my first short story and it is fucking awesome. It outsold all the other stories big time! Butterflies, which was a last minute addition to Pitchfork and was super limited. If you got a copy with Butterflies, you are lucky! Butterflies is easily the most controversial thing I have ever written. It is from the eyes of the pilot of the plane that hit the first tower of The World Trade Center and his rational that jihad is a force to be reckoned with because it is powered by man’s desire for pussy. Which is completely true!

17. I hear The Harvest will be out soon. Are you ready for it?

No, no, no sir! Are you ready for it?

18. What can we expect from its release? If you can share anything.

It is very different than Pitchfork. It is a novella in the 40,000 word range and it is an in depth story about a group of people who sue Satan to get their souls back. He comes and raises hell literally! It will floor you. It's insanely controversial and it's a subject that has never been approached and I did it the Jake Bannerman way; to the furthest extreme possible!

I was thinking of the final question to ask to close this interview and here is what I got...

19. With everything you have ever done in life and in your writing, can you please sum up your entire existence into one or two words?

The Devil’s Advocate