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Happy New Year!! Bang eBook: William Butler: Kindle Store


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BANG currently available at these locations...

This is in many digital formats, such as pdf, plain text, kindle, epub, etc.

Tomorrow it will be available on the Kindle if you choose to wait. 

The digital versions are $2.99


You can go here to purchase it now in paperback or wait until January 7th to purchase it on

This is createspace's website.  You will have to open up an account in order to purchase BANG in paperback.

The Paperback version is $16.00

I will post more as It starts coming out in paperback on

Thank you!!

A video reading from my book BANG

Please enjoy this reading..though I don't think it's perfect in any way, but I enjoyed doing this a lot.  
Thank you so much!!

"I'll Make You Remember Me" Amazon Kindle Review***

5.0 out of 5 stars CompellingDecember 28, 2010
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: I'll Make You Remember Me (Kindle Edition)
A compelling short story by William Butler about a man who becomes obsessed with a woman. An interesting look inside the mind of a man who likes voyeurism and has obvious mental issues. William Butler writes a character that you become intrigued in over the very graphic sexual nature of the story. After reading you begin to take apart the main character's, Joe, mind and try to understand what was going on inside his head, as a psychologist would to a patient. I consider this a psychological suspense piece. If you like this you must read his other short story The Get Back

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 William Butler: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle William Butler: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Well, I have an Amazon Author's page now. It only has my three ebooks: I'll Make You Remember Me, The Visit, and The Get Back right now, but soon BANG will be up there!!
And speaking of BANG, I received the proof copy of BANG today. I am reviewing as quick as possible so I can get it out to everyone before the new year. Due to the Holidays I may have some delays... :( But either way BANG will be yours for the New Year!! I am very excited to be sharing this with you.

So while I read over my proof copy and prepare for my book release please comment and tell me what you have planned for New Years? Any resolutions?

And go check out my Amazon Author's page, like it and share it with your twitter and facebook friends.

Be safe this Christmas!!


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Interview with Steve Balderson for his movie "The Casserole Club" coming out 2011

I am proud to write this interview I had with Steve Balderson.  He, in my opinion, is a great director!  Please enjoy this interview and even leave comments.  Thank you...

WB:  What were some of the funniest moments during the filming of "The Casserole Club" or any of your other movies?

SB:  My sets are always a load of fun, from the first moments of the day to late at night.  We're all very serious when we're working, but there is nonstop laughter and everyone really enjoys themselves.  I try to create that kind of environment on purpose.  There's nothing more lame than a movie set where everyone is "soo serious" and cranky all the time.

WB:  Awesome, a fun working environment is always good and healthy.  No one likes a stick in the mud...Out of all the performances you've filmed, which one stuck out the most?

SB:  Starina Johnson.  She is a genius.  I remember the first time she went before the camera while we were filming "Stuck!"-- she blew everyone away.  I knew she was a great actress but I didn't know she was beyond great.  After filming her first take, I looked around and people on the crew were was incredible.

WB:  And it showed! I loved her performance in the movie.  "Stuck!" was a great movie and I recommend it to all my friends to check it out.  It blew me away.  Who were some of your favorite actors/actresses you have worked with?

SB:  I love everyone I've ever worked with.  The only exceptions were a couple of mean people, who I am no longer working with.  But everyone else is great.  We've built a company of sorts (like a theatre company) and I like using the same people over and over.  Once we have the team well connected, I'll bring in new people and see how it goes.  Luckily on "Casserole Club" the new people hit it off so well with the regulars that they became the new regulars!

WB:  What actors or actress would you like to work with in the future?

SB:  Anyone that is kind, serious about their work, but also fun and enjoyable to be around.  Famous or not.

WB:  When casting for a movie do you generally have an idea of who you want for a part?

SB:  Yes.  In "The Casserole Club" we wrote a few of the parts with actors in mind... I like to hand pick each player instead of doing traditional casting.  It's just as important to pick people who fit in with the group off the set, as it is to pick good actors.  Just because someone's a great actor doesn't mean they will fit in and get along with the others.  So it's a really sensitive process and I have to be really careful.  On "The Casserole Club" I nailed it.  Everyone fit together perfectly on the set and off.

WB:  I understand what you are talking about.  Its that chemistry that you have to maintain on and off screen. it's what creates the magic us viewers watch when your movies come out.  Thank you for that.  It reflects in your films and it builds a great reputation.  More people should do what you do and be proactive.  Do you write most of your scripts? Do you ever adapt them from books?

SB:  I work with screen writer Frankie Krainz usually but I have adapted before several times.  A few companies have hired me to do adaptations that I didn't direct, and I adapted Joseph Suglia's best-selling novel "Watch Out" for the screen, which I did direct.

WB: I've seen "Watch Out", it too was amazing.  Very daring!  "Firecracker" was based on true events, so where did you get the idea for "The Casserole Club"?

SB:  "The Casserole Club" was also based on actual events, although by the time we got down to actually writing the script and telling the story we through out the real story, so essentially it's pure fiction.  Even though it's historically accurate for the time period.

WB:  What was your budget for "The Casserole Club" and shooting schedule like?

SB:  If you count in all deferred payments, equipment, out of pocket expenses, marketing, etc., the budget for "The Casserole Club" was about $1 million.  We shot in September/October in Kansas and in California.

WB:  "The Casserole Club" sounds like it will be a fantastic romp of backstabbing and competition, what can we expect with the film?

SB:  It's a pretty heavy drama, but there are some really fun moments and the music, costumes, sets are also out of this world... I'm pretty sure we'll have a few people nominated.  There are some scene shooters in this one...

WB:  That's great news!! I hope so... I can't wait to see this movie.  Are you preparing for a new movie after this, I ask because I'm a huge fan of your work?

SB:  Yes, there are a few projects in line to do next.  Not sure which one will be ready first.

WB:  I'm excited to hear that.  I can't wait to read about them when you start production.  I'm sure you've been asked this a lot, but what influences your work?

SB: Travel and food, art, soaking up other cultures and seeing the world.  I just got back from a trip to Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean.  It was incredibly inspiring.

WB:  I noticed in the synopsis you mention the movies "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?" and "American Beauty" both great movies I have to say.  I've watched "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" a ton of times.  I can't get enough of the lie the characters were living.  Elizabeth Taylor an icon.  "American Beauty" was about perception--the perception of each character as they enter act with each other--whether misleading or not, is this the direction you are heading with "The Casserole Club"?

SB:  It's really hard for me to verbally discuss the film because it's all there on screen.  And I'm still in the thick of making it.  Usually it takes me a few years after a film to be able to talk about it from totally outside it.  "The Casserole Club" is an accurate and historical story set in 1969... It's about what is going on then in relationships and inside suburban's also about what happens to people who don't take responsibility for their actions, which is timeless.

WB:  I understand what you are saying.  When I was writing BANG it was hard to express what it was all about, because of so many elements in the story.  But now that it is finished and edited I can express those elements and share them.  So when you say that I completely understand.  I have to go back to your previous films for a second.  I have to say I discovered you when I saw that Karen Black was in your movie "Firecracker", I love her! What was it like working with her?

SB:  Working with Karen is a blast.  We had such a great time on "Firecracker" and on "Stuck!" and I cannot wait to work with her again.

WB:  I hope that means she will be in another one of your movies soon... : )...Sorry for asking about particular actors and actresses, because you have so many great talents in all your films.  I wanted to focus on Kevin Richardson.  He's building up a nice resume with making movies, what was it like working with him?

SB:  First of all, Kevin was incredibly professional and a really nice guy...He fir into the team perfectly.  As an actor he blew me away.  He's got a real gift and I'm working on a couple of future projects with him in mind.  There's a scene in "The Casserole Club" where he and Susan Traylor are fighting and...without giving anything's just one of those incredible Oscar-worthy scenes.  When we were filming it everyone on the set had chills.  It's amazing.

WB:  Well this is great!! I can't wait to see his performance.  I wanted to thank you once again for this interview and for sharing with us.  It has been a pleasure.  I'm looking forward to watching "The Casserole Club" and I encourage everyone else to go out and see it when it's released.  Thank you Steve...

SB: Thank you, Will.

This concludes my interview with Steve was an amazing interview and I am so glad he agreed to  it.  Once again go out and watch his new movie "The Casserole Club" coming out 2011!!  Thank you.

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Thank you

I wanted to send out a quick post to everyone who has checked out my work so far and I hope all of you liked what you have read.  I wanted you to know that this is only a taste of what is to come.  My writing schedule is quite full and I have huge surprises for you next year.  I will go down the line of a few events coming up and later some fun things that we can do with my debut novel BANG, coming out later this month.

You see that I am releasing a few short stories on  (and if I have annoyed you with crazy repetitive posts about those shorts I apologize, what would help is if any of you would gladly repost them onto your facebooks or twitters that would be amazing, but of course that is up to you)
The logic behind the shorts are to get what I can do out there and they also make a fun read.  I planned on releasing 5 short stories on smashwords (like a music artist would do with singles from an album coming out).  3 of which are available now.  (The Visit, I'll Make You Remember Me, and The Get Back---all for $0.99).  I have two more I will release later on--one in January and the other later maybe march.
This is also a small advance promotion for a collection of short stories I want to release in the summer of 2011.
I have the cover design for the collection already created and prepared for release.  It will be available as an ebook and in paper back.  When it gets closer to the time I will release the cover art as well as the title for the collection.  Now I have to admit that "The Visit" will not be in the collection because it does not fit with the over all theme of the book.  It may appear in another collection later on.

****THE BIG NEWS****

It's coming!!!!!!!!! lol you just don't know...

BANG hits this month so you will need to go out and get a will be available on my website which I will post here and then a week after it goes live it will be available on  Then so on Barnes and Nobles,, etc.  

It will be available in paperback and as an ebook.

I'm so very excited about BANG coming out.  This book was described by a few who have sampled it as a porno book (lol which is funny to me because it isn't.  It just has a lot of sex in it, but believe me when I say this...BANG is more than sex, its mystery/thriller.)  I hope everyone loves it!! : ) if not that is fine, you may like my next one.  It is a strong book with crazy characters.  Something is always going on and the plot changes as you slowly discover who shot Tim Jones.  If you pick the character you think it is and follow the story you may discover the truth before it ends--who knows.  

I was thinking about some fun things to do with this book release, other than having a fabulous party to celebrate, and of course I will sign anyones book if you want me to. But those events will be posted here so be looking for them.

I wanted to say that I have also started on my second book, which has taken a back seat to BANG and my short story collection, but it is finally on its way into development.  
This novel will be entirely different from BANG.  Still a mystery, but oh so much more.  I see a possible release in the Fall of 2011.  

So as you see I am a busy bee working on sharing my joy to you.  I love to write and I want you to read my work so you can enjoy it too.  

Again Thank you so much.  I will be posting more later on as things progress.  I will give you updates on the last two shorts and also the collection.  I will also let you know about my second book, which you can follow my writing progress on that by following me on twitter, facebook and myspace.

And look for BANG out this month.  It will be available in paperback on my website first before amazon, so be looking here for updates!!


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The Get Back By William Butler

Megan and her father want revenge against the man who killed Megan's mother.


I know I keep rolling them out, but I can't stop myself from writing.  This is a story about revenge.  The choice of what is right and wrong.  Check it out!!!

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I'll Make You Remember Me By William Butler

Obsession can go too far when a man falls in love with a prostitute.

Available on 

My short story "I'll Make You Remember Me" is a work of fiction I wrote when I was in college for a creative writing class.  "I'll Make You Remember Me" is shocking, with graphic sex, violence and language.  I wanted to write something that no one had presented in the class.  Sure I could have wrote a love story or a mystery, or even a horror, and in some strange way I did just that, but in my own way.  : )
I do hope you take the chance to read the short sample that is available on  The sample is only a taste of where the story is going.  Feel free to continue from there and purchase yourself a copy...I won't stop  Enjoy! ;)

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Sneak peek at ASYLUM, first book in our TZF novella series

Sneak peek at ASYLUM, first book in our TZF novella series


Mark Allen Gunnells cover for his zombie novella!! I will be doing another author interview with him and a review of the novella ASYLUM. Be on the look out for updates on its release!!

Official cover for my novel BANG!!

Tim Jones had everything planned out.  He was going to tell his wife, Shelley, that he still loved her.  He didn't care if she cheated on him with his best friend, Frank.  He wanted Shelley back and was ready to move on.
That was until someone shot him...


STUCK! DVD review!!

STUCK! is director Steve Balderson’s homage to film noir women-in-prison films.  Faithfully re-producing the genre with a modern, tongue-in-cheek twist, expect all the  hallmarks of a classic prison movie complete with a wrongly accused heroine, hard boiled dames, diabolical alliances, forbidden love, cat-fighting cuties, a sadistic warden, and corrupt prison guards.
STUCK! stars Karen Black, Susan Traylor, Jane Wiedlin, Mink Stole, Stacy Cunningham, Starina Johnson and Pleasant Gehman.  It’s the story of Daisy, an innocent young woman framed for killing her mother.  Condemned by the press and the public, Daisy is found guilty of murder and sentenced to die by hanging.  This jazzy, finger-snapping, broads-behind-bars film is a throwback to another era, with terse Tennessee Williams-style verbal sparring, non-stop action and enough bad-girl jailhouse hi-jinks to make the audience lose the distinction between good and evil.

Steve Balderson has made a masterpiece!! He has taken campy prison girl movies and twisted it with noir-like elements.  A tragic heroine who is falsely accused of murder.  The one pointing the finger is none other than the infamous Karen Black!

Karen Black-the best kept secret of Hollywood.  You couldn't get a better actress to play a role.  All the other actresses are amazing as well--Susan Traylor, Mink Stole, Jane Wiedlin, Starina Johnson, Stacy Cunningham, Pleasant Gehman--each of these women did a fantastic job.  

So here is the story...

Poor little Daisy lives the life--and when I say life I mean she is trapped taking care of her sick mother.  But Daisy doesn't mind.  She loves her mother--but does she love her mother too much that death is the only answer.  Well when Daisy returns home with the groceries she ends up getting into a struggle with her mother over a gun, where a neighbor begins to watch the struggle.  That's when it all changes for Daisy.

She goes to trial and ends up in prison with four other women already on death row. Each of them tormented by one female guard they call "Amazon".  Through out the movie Daisy tries to prove her innocence, but they don't believe her and the only person who may know the truth is struggling herself on whether of not she should admit to being wrong.

And that brings us to the end...Does the neighbor fess up about possibly being wrong about what she saw that faithful day, so Daisy could go home and live her life?  You should watch the movie to find out. 

What I think about this movie...I loved it!! I give if five stars.  This movie talks about cages--Daisy lived in a cage her whole life.  The cage was a house where she took care of her mother and then the prison where she waited for life.  It's amazing how well it was all portrayed.  Also how each character had their own tragic life.  

Princess- she killed her own child, which broke her mentally.  She's now MeMe's child.
MeMe-she is the black widow.  She couldn't stop killing because it just became habit.
Esther- Is in for tax evasion and killing feds.
Dutch- a prostitute who killed a cop.
Daisy-the main character, who is accused of killing her mother.

Go out and get yourself a copy today.  You can purchase STUCK!  here

or on

Thank you!