1. BANG (BOOK ONE IN THE BANG TRILOGY): Noir Suspense/thriller Tim Jones had everything planned out. He was going to tell his wife, Shelley, that he still loved her. He didn't care if she cheated on him with his best friend, Frank. He wanted Shelley back and was ready to move on. That was until someone shot him...

2. THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM (THE BALESTROM FAMILY SAGA BOOK ONE): Suspense/drama/family saga - A tragic death. Two who marries for love...the other marries into THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM. When Susan's husband, Victor Balestrom, dies in a mysterious and tragic accident, Susan is suspected of murdering him. With the Balestrom family, manipulated by Camille Balestrom, pointing fingers. Susan calls on her sister, Sara and her husband David to come to the private island owned by the Balestrom family to be by her side during this tragic moment in her life.
But Sara and David's visit become twisted and manipulated by someone in the family, who not only wants Susan to pay for her crimes, but wants revenge as well. Will Sara discover who is behind everything before it is too late? Who is the mysterious man roaming the island grounds--the man who terrorizes Sara at every turn? Secrets are abound and will be revealed all the way to its tragic end.

3. TIME OF THE SEASON : Neo-noir, Suspense thriller: A Plot to steal 10 million dollars. A man down on his luck. A woman with a plan. A lethal affair that could only end badly.Ben Lyons is down on his luck, but his luck changes when he meets Lauren Tinsdale, the wife of loan shark and ex-boxer Freddy "The Beef" Tinsdale. Seduced by Lauren, Ben finds himself caught up in her plan to steal a large sum of money and then skip town. But is that all Lauren wants from Ben? Or does she have another that involves taking her husbands life?

4. SMOKING GUN (BOOK TWO IN THE BANG TRILOGY) : Suspense Thriller: LIES, SEX, DECEPTION and MURDER all come into play in this twisted sequel to William Butler's BANG. Claire Newman is at it again as she manipulates Tim Jones and a few new faces into her web of deceit. As for Tim, he has his own problems. With a fragmented memory, he sets out to forget the past and work on his future with a new relationship. But not even Claire will let Tim forget that faithful night he was shot. With twisted lies and truths twisted Claire won't rest until she has what she's set out to do...and the results could spell DEATH for a lot of people.

5. RETURN TO THE HOUSE OF BALESTROM (THE BALESTROM FAMILY SAGA BOOK TWO) : Suspense/Drama/Family Saga: A house of secrets. On a private island. Two sisters...return to the House of Balestrom. Sara returns to Balestrom House in this sequel to the Balestrom Family Saga. Her heart aches the loss of her husband David as she recounts the events that happened after that faithful night The House of Balestrom burned. A year has passed and Sara's attention has moved to her sister Susan, who has come down with a mysterious sickness. Then a request for them to return to Balestrom Island comes in an invitation of forgiveness. A cousin of the family has begun reconstruction of the old house. Reluctantly Sara agrees to go, taking Susan with her. What lies in store for Sara when she arrives on the island? Will she have to face her sins? Is forgiveness the true goal of the new tenant of Balestrom House or is it one of a darker nature?
A new mystery evolves and an even more dangerous game begins. Welcome home...




Short Stories:

I'LL MAKE YOU REMEMBER ME: Noir Suspense/psychological thriller - A short story about when obsession goes too far after a man falls in love with a prostitute. Joe's one night stand with sexy hooker Lexi turns into an obsession with devastating results.

THE GET BACK: Noir Thriller - A short story about a little girl named Megan and her father who seek revenge against the man they claimed killed Megan's mother in a drunk driving accident and paralyzed her father. 

THE PICK-UP: Thriller - Ace loved the boys and he knew that his Camaro would be a hot magnet for them to take a ride with him. What Ace didn't know was that the one boy he decided to pick up this time around wants something more from him than a good time...he wants revenge.

OBLIVION: Flash fiction/poetry - A short flash fiction piece about a man who knows he is being stalked and in a twisted way allows it to happen...because he is also stalking his stalker.

THE VISIT: Literary fiction - The only short story that is not written for the noir. It is a story about a young man who is waiting on his mother to visit him. As the story moves on you discover that something happened between the two and that the possibility that the mother may be dead. Is it a dream or did it happen? It certainly leaves you wanting to know what happened between the two, but ultimately it explores the process of forgiveness and love between a mother and her son.

THE CALM: Suspense/thriller - Jean has decided to help her daughter, Linda, run away from home so she can be with, Beth, the woman she loves. She had it all planned out on how she was going to get Linda out of the house before, Kevin (the controlling father) gets home. It doesn't work out as planned when a terrible storm hits the town trapping the three family members in the house while they wait it out.