Bang, bang baby
That’s me, knocking at your door.
Let me in and we can explore
Explore a life you have denied.
A life you destroyed.
Bang, Bang baby
That’s you with a gun
You standing over me with that grin
And a wink
Just pull the trigger and leave.
And you listen to the sounds outside.
You changed your hair and manipulated my life.
You had sex with me to make me forget.
Just pull the trigger and end it.
And just when I developed trust
You shot me down out of—lust
And for a brief moment I see you
Standing over me
With that grin on your lips and a wink
You say to me “Bang, Bang baby”


My beloved has cold hands.
He lies deep in a mound of dirt
I still hold his hands playing with
his brittle fingers.

I turn to my love and he turns to me.
His eyes closed by thread,
My eyes open and searching for knowledge.
Knowledge of me in him.

I open my mouth and say:
“I love you and miss you.”
I watch his mouth for a reply.
But no reply came.


I’m no bitter boy.
Even after you pulled my heart around like a toy.
Crazy motherfucker
You dare dance and sing.
In the end, I will get everything.

I’m no foolish bitch.
Even after you left me alone in a ditch.
Hateful asshole
You dare leave me
In the end, I will help you see.

I’m no dead man
Even after you pushed and hit me.
You dare clasp your hands around my throat
In the end, I might be dead
            --but I left a note.

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