Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Want My...I Want My MDNA--Bang Vs Madonna

During my career as a novelist I have known wonders! I became an International Bestseller within a few weeks of my first novel hitting the internet. While my career as a novelist flourished I had the opportunity to meet many...many different famous superstars. One in particular is the one and only Madonna! Yes, Ms. MDNA herself! Come join me as I sit down with Madonna and do her very first Blog interview. And I share intimate photos of us hanging out by the water cooler we call FAME.

W: Let me tell you that I wanted to thank you so much, Madonna, for meeting me today to allow me to interview you for Bang Noir.
M: You're very's a pleasure.
W: I'm just so excited to see you again. I think everyone here is just as excited as I am...maybe more.
M: I hope so...Hello everyone (waves and laughs)
W: So let's get started shall we. Please tell everyone about the first time you met me?
M: (pauses) You mean when you first met me...right?
W: No, when you first met me. I know when I first met you.
M: And when was that?
W: It was on George Clooney's Yatch.
M: That's right. You were drunk and hitting on George. (laughs) You know he wasn't that into you right?
W: I think he was.
M: (shakes her head and looks embarrassed) I don't think so. I actually remember him trying to have you removed from the Yatch.
W: Ok, so moving on. (I clear my throat) So through out your whole career you seemed to have been influenced by one thing...
M: And what is that?
W: Me.
M: (she laughs) That's just not true. I mean I am influenced by all kinds of things. But not by you. I actually think that I influenced you.
W: I can't believe you just said that.
M: (cocks eyebrow) Well it's true. You have to face the truth sometimes...(smiles) in your career (adjusts herself in the chair)
W: I do think you were influenced by me. I mean look at some of your work. Bad Girl was about me.
M: That's not true.
W: It is. It was about me and my party life in the nineties. You were there watching me act out because of my daddy issues. I like how you changed it to Bad Girl instead of Bad Boy.
M: (shakes her head) It really wasn't about you...I promise.
W: So let's talk about other references you have of me in your music...
M: Wait... is this what the interview is all about?
W: What do you mean?
M: I mean are we just going to talk about you and how you have taken my ideas and twisted them into referencing you. None of it is true.
W: (I laugh)
M: You know during my interview in the UK I mention that there are people out there who use my name to make them famous and you know who I was talking about?
W: GaGa?
M: Well...(shakes head yes)but mostly you. If anyone is referencing anyone else it would be you about me.
W: But Madonna, I wouldn't do that. I love you.
M: doesn't show. I didn't come here today to talk about you. I never used you in any of my work.
W: That's just not true.
M: When did I do that?
W: You reference both my book Bang and its sequel Smoking Gun on your new album MDNA.
M: (silent)
W: Yes. Gang Bang is all about my Novel Bang and in Girl Gone Wild you reference its sequel Smoking Gun. So you see...I'm not just making this up.
M: (laughs) You got me. I guess I can't argue with that. (smiles)
W: I'm sorry. I do love you and I hope you are not mad at me.
M: Of course not. I love you as well.
W: Well I guess that's all I have for you today. I'm sure we can do this again soon.
M: Not a chance in hell...(gets up and walks off)
W: Call me babe. Huggies and kisses.

Well that was all I had right now of the interview with Madonna. It was an amazing time. I mean after all I hadn't seen her in years. I am sure I will get another sit down with The Queen of Pop soon. Of course you guys will be the first to know.

***If you haven't guess this whole interview has been a fabrication of my imagination. I have never met Madonna in my life time--though I will be going to her concert. :D I will add that if this was a true interview then I would have passed out somewhere between meeting her and talking. As for the photos...The one of me with my arm around Madonna I took Guy Richies's head off and placed mine. The other photo are of me and a look-alike posing for the camera.
Sorry this pisses you off it is supposed to be fun. XO I truly love you Madonna!!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Just The Facts...Ma'am

I came to realize when I started this journey as a writer that it comes with hard work. I actually don't mind the work. It's exciting and full of surprises. It is ever changing and I like that. I'm definitely not bored...:) But I am writing this post most because I am working on the edits to Book Two in the BANG Trilogy. I have to admit, this book is unique.

The Title: SMOKING GUN, drums up a lot in a person's mind. What could happen in this book? After all, a lot of people died in the first one. I am asked why I did that in my books--why kill off a large group of main characters.
The Answer: Because the story could not progress if certain characters remained alive. And when you think about it they were only supporting characters in the big picture.
SMOKING GUN is about perception. You had a perception of the first book, BANG, when it was released. You probably saw it as cut and dry. Sex and violence. Maybe senseless sex and violence. But the fact remains that there are still answers needed and yet a bigger story to be told.
When I sat down to write BANG, I could only think about what I was going to say. What did I want to tell? The story mattered and the plot was thick with twists and turns. I decided to narrow the story into a relationship--I know that sounds strange, but I wanted you to think that it was just your average f'ed up relationship...with f'ed up characters who are all out to get one another, when in reality that was only a small part of what was really going on.
SMOKING GUN, comes in with the reveal. The term Smoking Gun is basically telling you here is the truth. Here are the facts and you have to decide what is right and what is wrong, but hold on...I'm not going to make it too easy for you. There is still a lot happening in the story, because there is something looming around in the background and it's waiting to escape...
SMOKING GUN is a straight-up thriller. Still has f'ed up characters and even more f'ed up situations. I'm behind in my edits and I could kick myself for it. But I promise once it is released you will not be disappointed. Or you will and all I can say to that is that I tried. Which means I will still be writing the next book in the series and I will be talking about all three books.

By the way to all my readers thank you so much for your support. I know my books aren't for everyone, but that is why I write two types of books. One set of the hardboiled reader and the other for the softcore readers. I know it is strange to find a writer who writes from both sides of the brain, but I want to capture you all and share with you my talents.  

You can find my books on Amazon: Bang (Book 1)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chaser -- Indiegogo

Shame = Death

Chaser is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Chaser must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Story

Disconnected from his family, culture, and community, Zachary Gold—a young, promising high school teacher and the son of conservative immigrants—seeks solace in the gay bareback community.

The Impact

As HIV shifts from a life-threatening disease to a manageable "condition," the number of gay men practicing unsafe sex, both out of recklessness and self-injury, continues to grow. We need your help to raise awareness about the alarming complacency surrounding the issue of HIV/AIDS today. As filmmakers, we're not interested in making a judgment about anyone's behavior. Instead, our goal is to start a dialogue about the increasing number of people practicing unsafe sex and ask one simple question: Why?

About the Creators

Sal Bardo's short film Requited made its world premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival in 2011 and has screened at festivals across the country, including Reel Affirmations: Washington D.C.'s International LGBT Film Festival, where Sal won the Audience Award for Best First Time Filmmaker. Requited will be released on DVD later this year. His most recent film, Sam, about gender identity and bullying, is currently making the festival rounds.

Hailed as "An Actor to Watch!" by Backstage, Max Rhyser has acted opposite Q-Tip in Nelson George's My Funny Valentine (currently in development) and in One Life to Live, Homeland, A Four Letter Word, Requited, and the BBC series My Hero. His production work includes the successful series In Between Men. Max is a proud member of SAG and AEA, sits on the creative teams of two theater companies, and runs a holistic healing practice in New York. He is dedicated to affecting change through storytelling.

What We Need & What You Get

Your donation will make it possible for us to start this conversation. The money raised will go directly toward making sure the film is made in the most professional and effective way possible. With your help, we'll be able to assemble a first-rate team and pay for all the costs of the following:

and much more!

 In addition to helping to fund the film, you'll also receive the perks listed on the right-hand side of this page.

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It's simple! Click on the "Contribute Now" button above and choose the amount you'd like to give. You can pay via credit card, debit card, or personal check. Either way, your contribution is safe and secure! All contributions are tax deductible thanks to our partnership with Fractured Atlas.

NOTE: Even if we do not meet our goal, IndieGogo allows us to keep 100% of the funds you donate (minus the standard fee), which will be combined with funds we're actively raising offline. Rest assured that this film will be made and you will be updated every step of the way! For more information, please visit our official Facebook page!

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