Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bang vs Time of The Season

I think when I talk about Time of The Season some people get frightened about the content in the book. When actually it is no different from BANG. Well it is slightly different from BANG...BANG is just in a class of its own. But None-the-less, Time of The Season is its own entity. A book unlike any other out there. I did my research very carefully on this book. 
Here is a little about my third novel and what I was trying to achieve with it. Time of the Season is on the lines of the noir genre. It is a Hard-boiled thriller set in modern times with noir elements. In it you have a femme fatale, a man who is self-destructive and down on his luck, and a protagonist who is flamboyant and dangerous (mafia like character). Throw boxing into the mix with a plot to steal 10 million dollars and then murder someone and you got Time of The Season. 
If you read books like James M. Cain or even watched his movies like The Postman Always Rings Twice or Double Indemnity...then that's where I am going. You can also check out the movie The Set-up (1949). But it doesn't require all that work to read this novel, but all of that and more is the basic influence of the novel. Overall, the novel itself represents a relationship from beginning to an abusive relationship...which is supposed to make you stronger and fight back.