Sunday, September 4, 2011

The House of Balestrom: Sara's Soliloquy

My life, my love. It sounds so cliche saying it out loud. I stand here in this familiar place where memories race through my mind and visions of those memories show themselves to me. They show themselves like--secrets. Deep dark secrets. Oh, how I wish things ended differently! How I wanted to be with you forever.
My life, my love. There I said it again. I said it again, God! Do you hear me? Does anyone really hear me?
I came across a picture of you today. I found it tucked away in some old dresser drawer. It was caught under the edge near the back. I thought I had cleaned everything of yours out of my life, but you found a way to creep back in. You always found a way to do that.
Even now looking at your picture I have to say I miss you more than ever.
I guess there are some secrets you can't keep buried.

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