Thursday, February 10, 2011

The House of Balestrom teaser pic

Not much I know but it's getting closer to the cover reveal!!! I thought I would drop another sneak peak...
I will add that writing this new book has been amazing...the words are flowing out of me like Mozart tapping at the piano.
My heart over flows with the new great thrills and suspense I have planned for you in this awesome new book.
Believe me when I say that The House of Balestrom is a completely different story from BANG and possibly from any other book you have ever read.
I've allowed a few people to actually read the first chapter of my new novel and I sensed excited anticipation for the rest as they expressed their feelings about what they read...the fun guessing games of what they think will happen next!
Thank you for everything and while you wait patiently for The House of Balestrom
feel free to get a copy of BANG, because(well) BANG is an that you shouldn't pass up!

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