Monday, October 25, 2010

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things--Review

This is Asia Argento's adaptation of J. T. Leroy's book of the same name.  But don't be fooled by the title--there is no deception here, just a very bad mother.  Jeremiah (the abused and neglected son of Sarah) should know that he is not truly loved in this film.
This film, when watching it, should illicit an emotion from you.  You should feel angry! Upset! even ready to call the producers up and ask why this was made!  Well it was made because it is suppose to make you feel this way.  You should realize that children are treated like this around the world.  Not every child, but those unfortunate ones are.
Here is a little about the story:
Jeremiah is brought back into the world he was taken from by social workers.  Sarah, Jeremiah's mother, doesn't seem too excited over having him, but has some how managed to get him back from his foster parents.  I have a friend who automatically thinks that Sarah looks and acts like Courtney Love.  I think she believes that is how Courtney Love is toward her children.  Anyways...
Sarah, after a failed attempt to feed Jeremiah spaghetti-O's for lunch (which I might add was the only can she had in the cabinet, and that there was no other food, also the Spaghetti-O's ended up all over the wall), Jeremiah runs away to where she has to come and get him.  After that she gathers his stuff up into a trash bag and they leave.  Sarah proceeds to get Jeremiah high so she could control him better.
Well there are a string of men and most of the time Jeremiah would sleep in the car.  There are other times Sarah would make Jeremiah act like a girl, but she never truly called him her kid.  She had always said he was her sister.
Well to cut this short--There is drug use, a rape, lot lizards, truck stops, religion, more abuse, and finally the crazy tweaked out ending.
Did I like this movie--yes.
Why?--because I am glad I didn't live this way and when I think I have it bad I watch this and realize I don't.  Also I like to see others reactions when they watch the movie, because they can't believe I actually watch this stuff.  I'm not the monster here--Sarah is.

The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

The book is equally graphic, but not in order like the movie.  I say that you should read the book and then watch the movie to get the full effect of what you are seeing.  Plus there are a few scenes in the movie that don't explain what it means--like the birds--but it does explain it in the book.

Both of these items the book by J. T. Leroy and the movie are available on

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